Update of Datasheets

28 April 2022

Dear colleagues, we have updated the datasheets of the following power semiconductor devices:

Thyristor modules:

Thyristor modules are designed for energy converters and other DC and AC systems of various power electrical installations.

This module has an industry-standard housing. All thyristor modules by Proton-Electrotex have a pressure-contact design that ensures high resistance to cyclic loads and easy mounting.

The modules have an electrically insulated copper baseplate that ensures optimal heat distribution and dissolving. Besides, it is possible to mount several modules on the same heatsink without any additional insulation, significantly reducing the assembly size.

The modules have a high electric and thermal cycling capability meaning high reliability and long lifetime in intensive operation modes.

Phase control thyristor in disc design:

Phase control thyristors are widely used to control high load with a low control signal applied to the control gate. They can be used in electrical systems for various industries, including AC and DC circuits operating at industry standard or increased frequency. The thyristors have a sealed housing isolating the functional part and the semiconductor element from mechanical impacts and environment.

Т393-3600 is a phase control thyristor in disc design. It has a repetitive peak off-state and reverse voltage VDRM/VRRM 3000-3600 V. Mean on-state current ITAV 3600 А. The thyristor has an industry-standard ceramic housing making it easy to integrate the device into existing equipment. The maximal junction temperature Tjmax is 125 °C. This thyristor has a disc housing with pressure contacts. Disc thyristors are notable for the possibility of two-sided cooling.

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