Proton-Electrotex expands its product line with MOSFET (SiC) modules

12 May 2023

Glad to inform that The Russian manufacturer of power semiconductors Proton-Electrotex Electrotex expands its product line with MOSFET (SiC) modules

A Silicon Carbide (SiC) power module is a power module that uses a Silicon Carbide semiconductor as switches. Today, the most widely used material for power semiconductors is silicon. Silicon is inexpensive to produce, and the technology is well understood. However, there are other materials such as Silicon Carbide is much more efficient conductors of electricity.  

MOSFET (SiC) module has very low switching losses and therefore allows higher switching frequencies compared to regular silicon devices. 

We are developing two product categories to serve different customer value propositions: Industry-Standard housing and Automotive qualification. Benefits of MOSFET (SiC) modules by Proton-Electrotex:  

  • Low inductance
  • Low static and dynamic losses
  • High thermal cycling performance
  • Ease of installation and parallel connection

A MOSFET (SiC) module is used to transform electrical power, which is the product of current and voltage with high conversion efficiency.  

Applications of MOSFET (SiC) modules by Proton-Electrotex 

  • Inverters for RES 
  • DC/DC converters, inverters 
  • Motor drives 
  • Electric transport 

Proton-Electrotex offers various options for customization of products, taking into account the individual requirements of each customer to parameters, connections and appearance of the semiconductors. 

More information and datasheets are published on our website.

About Proton-Electrotex, JSC: 

Proton-Electrotex is the Russian leader in designing and manufacturing power semiconductors including diodesthyristors and IGBT modules as well as heatsinks, voltage suppressors, resistors and measurement equipment. The company is located in Orel city and ships its products through its partners and distributors all over the world. Please visit website for more details about Proton-Electrotex and its offer of products and services. 

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