Update of Datasheets

11 June 2024

On the company's official website, the technical documentation for thyristor and diode modules in F housing has been updated.

Modules are designed for energy converters and other DC and AC systems of various power electrical installations.

Proton-Electrotex offers a wide lineup dual-component diode-thyristor modules for voltages from 1000 to 3600 V and currents IFAV from 115 А to 250 А. Such a wide range allows to use these modules in multiple various applications. This module has an industry-standard F-type housing with baseplate size of 34x94 mm.

These types of devices have the following distinctive features:

• clamping design of the module, providing high resistance to cyclic mechanical, electrical and temperature loads.

• industrial standard housing simplifies the use of devices in existing equipment and provides the opportunity to replace analogues from leading foreign manufacturers.

• high insulation strength, which guarantees protection of both the device itself and the power plant as a whole.

The modules have an electrically insulated copper baseplate that ensures optimal heat distribution and dissolving. Besides, it is possible to mount several modules on the same heatsink without any additional insulation, significantly reducing the assembly size.

Besides, Proton-Electrotex offers wide choice of customization options according to each customer’s requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of the modules. For example, the company offers modules based on fast diodes and thyristors, modules with increased isolation voltage and assemblies on heatsinks.

You can view the list of devices in which changes have been made in this file.

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