IGBT Drivers

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IGBT Drivers

VCES [V]: 1700
Visol [V]: 4000
Iout [A]: 15
QG [uC]: 5600
Channels: 2
Top [°С]: -40..+85


  • 文件和證明
  • 描述

    The DI215-17-E-2 is a dual-channel plug and play IGBT driver designed for IGBT modules in a 17 mm housing (MIDA) and up to 1.7 kV voltage class. The advantage of plug & play drivers is that they are ready-to-use out of the box and do not require any conversion boards.

    The maximum drive pulse current is +/- 15 A. The gate output voltage is +/- 15 V at the logic interface level. Insulation test voltage of 4 kV АС.

    The driver can be operated in a wide temperature range from -40 to +85 °C.

    It has a compact size of 100x62x30.5 mm thanks to its well thought-out design.

    The driver can be connected to the IGBT module by soldering to the module’s control pins or with a wired connection.

    The driver has two modes of operation: the direct control mode allows you to control a switch of the IGBT module regardless of the state of the other switch, while the half-bridge mode prevents simultaneous opening of two switches of the IGBT module.

    The driver provides short-circuit protection of transistors and has a function of a soft IGBT shutdown that protects the transistor from destruction. The driver also has undervoltage protection.

    Using drivers from the manufacturer of the IGBT modules guarantees the best compatibility taking into account specifics of these IGBT and saves time on selecting a suitable driver, while the cost of a mass-produced driver is much lower than a proprietary driver.

    In addition, Proton-Electrotex offers ample opportunities for customizing the IGBT drivers at the request of the customer:

    • Ability to change the input interface and pin configuration
    • Possibility to select and install gate resistors for the customer’s operating modes
    • Designing drivers for modules in parallel connection
    • Designing a custom form factor for the customer's converter
    • Driver setup for the customer’s operation mode
    • Designing adapter / interface boards

    For technical advice or purchasing the DI215-17-E-2 driver please contact our Sales Department.

  • 应用范围
    • Converters for solar and wind energy
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 
    • Electric transport 
    • Frequency converter 
    • Active rectifiers



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